Men’s Night

Men’s Night 2021

We are pleased to partner with Marty Forsythe – Sun Life Financial for 2021 to bring you the Marty Forsythe – Sun Life Financial Cup. The winning Men’s Night team for 2021 will receive the first annual cup and $400 prize money thanks to Marty Forsythe!

Men’s Night Schedule

May 18 – Draft Night 

May 25 – Opening Night

If you have not been drafted, when you show up for your first Men’s Night, you will draw a number in the Proshop, this number being the team you join for the Men’s Night season.

Cost $10.00. $2.00 towards a cash skins game per division. The rest will be used for random prize draws at the end of the evening. Do not have to be present to win.

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CAPTAINS  Kirk Reynolds Stefan Saulis Kris Palynuk Ben Noseworthy Shawn Riggs Ron Bateman Mike Sears Billy Smith Darran Walters Kade Kirkbride
1 Shawn Miller Aaron Metcalfe Mike Janusekiwicz Tom Cameron Matt Theriault Malcolm Angus Trevor Allen Jack Smith Bob Fraser Joe Lays
2 Ron Moses Shawn Pierce Gary Busch Bob Brosens Sheldon Broderick Colby Lyle Tony Fitzherbert Ken Hoare Ryan Rohrback Noah Riggs
3 Cameron Miller John Stella Wayne Buchanan Ed Seymour Mike Patterson Jeff Kirkbride Noel Carr Johnny Penny Richard MacKinnon Gary Lees
4 Ken Walsh Kendall Fairley GO White Josh Paul Bryce Miller Rob Legacy Scott Nason Jimmy Simpson Dave Knowles Al McCarty
5 Ernie Watts Matt Gillam Jamie Peori Doug MacDonald Greg MacDonald Bill Sexton Doug Salonen Nick Gilbert Jeff Munn Barry Aldridge
6 Steve Milton Jamie Bennett Robert Davis Matt Brosens Mike Spears Todd Hill Troy Phillips Colby MacDonald Peter Tulk Scott Daigle
7 Gary Cook Larry MacCormack Reg Robichaud Ralph Adams Tim Garnett Tony Dallaire Jeff Allen Doug Donelle Gary Pawson Jason Murray
8 Roger Ryan Jaxson Allen Doug Bagnall Corey Gregory Greg Hatchard Jamie Campbell Derek Davis Matt Logue Jack Gillis Eric Faubert



Like last year, the regular season will be contested in a series of head-to-head matches with the winners of each weekly match earning 10 points, 5 points per team if there is a tie and 0 for teams that lose. But, and this is important – participation is a big part of this format  – teams receive 1 point for each participant who posts a score as long as they reach the minimum number of players required (5).  A team score will be determined by the total of the one (1) lowest gross score and the four (4) lowest net scores posted by the team.  Players that don’t count toward the team total can almost assuredly count on being singled out and suitably labeled on both the TV and this very website.  They will, however, earn a valuable participation point and, of course, they can always step it up and count the following week.

One of the hi-lights of the program is the actual real-time scoring.  As the staff enter the scores, the standings, individual performances (good/bad), team information, skins and a bunch of other factors are updated in real-time online.  Those who cannot make it until later Tuesday night, can tune in and see the standings throughout the day up until their own tee-off time. Another bonus is the program actually maintains a separate league handicap, that way those who are sandbaggers or cheat do not have advantages over others. The handicap associated with men’s day is solely from their men’s day performances. Handicaps are automatically updated and applied based solely on your league scores.  That, my friends, is pretty good.

Questions?  Comments?  We’d love to hear from you.  Please send me an email ([email protected]).  This has the potential to be a lot of fun so please, let’s spread the good word and get as many people as possible on board this season.