Gage Golf Executive

A message from the Gage Golf President Mr. John Fife:

5 May 2021 

Gage Members

Please see the briefing below. This is presentation that I presented at the Annual General Meeting on May 5th 2021. Have a look (lot of great pictures and feel free to send us your feedback. I think we are making a lot of progress. We’ve gotten considerable support from so many different organizations

John Fife

The Gage Golf Club: Executive Committee

President:     Vacant
Vice President: Ken Hoare
Superintendent: Steve Gallant
NBGA Representative:  Malcolm Angus
Club Captain:     Bob Brosens
Secretary:     Ruth DeLeavey
Senior Men’s League:     Daniel Cafe
Greens Chairperson:     Tony Fitzherbert
Housing/Trophies:     Ruth Deleavey
Junior Development:     Bob Brosens
Ladies Representative:      Val Dearman
Chief Ambassador:     Steve Murchison
Beautification: Dee and Ruth DeLeavey
Men’s Tuesday Night League: TBD