Dress Code

Dress Code

Dress shall generally be in accordance with NBGA/CLGA code, and the following regulations shall be stricly adhered to. Acceptable articles of dress are:

  1. collared shirt or non-collared shirt, with buttoned or zippered front, CFB Gagetown t-shirts allowed, no writing please.
  2. pants shall have pockets and zipper (men)
  3. bermuda style short with pockets 
  4. ladies’ blouses and golf skorts/skirts
  5. ladies’ sleeved or sleeveless golf shirts
  6. wind breakers and rain suits (collared or collarless shirts must still be worn under jackets)
  7. clothing is to be clean and in good repair
  8. golf shoes, running shoes, or any flat-soled shoes without heels.

The following articles of clothing will be considered unacceptable. Persons wishing to play golf but are sporting the following will be denied access to the golf course:

  1. T-Shirts with inappropriate text or picture, Tank or halter tops
  2. athletic shorts, e.g. running shorts, bycicle shorts, spandex wear
  3. track pants and physical training wear (sweat suits)
  4. boots or shoes with high heels or rippled/ribbed soles, e.g., combat o work boots
  5. metal spikes

Dress for the Driving Range
The dress for the driving range is relaxed; ie., track pants, T-shirts are acceptable. However, people wishing to play golf after their driving range session will be required to change into the appropriate attire.

The intention of these dress regulations is to establish a consistent and acceptable standard of dress while maintaining the integrity of both the game of golf and the image of the Gage Golf Course.